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6 Simple Techniques For Is My Tooth Cracked? - Main Street Dental Vista, CA.

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Root canal, When a crack is so substantial it extends into the pulp, your dental professional, or an expert such as an oral cosmetic surgeon or endodontist, will advise a root canal to remove damaged pulp and restore some integrity to the tooth. Extraction, When the structure of the tooth, and the nerves and roots that lie listed below it, are extremely damaged, eliminating the tooth maybe your only choice. No treatment, Many people have small, hairline cracks in the enamel of their teeth. If these fractures don't affect appearance and don't produce discomfort, your medical professional might advise leaving them alone. Maybe the greatest complication of a cracked tooth is an.

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infection that can spread out to the bone and gums. Some signs of a dental infection( likewise called a tooth abscess) include: feverpain when chewingswollen gumssensitivity to heat and coldtender glands in the neckbad breath, Your dental professional may try to drain pipes pus from the infection and after that prescribe an antibiotic to eliminate the germs. Strong teeth are less likely to split, so make certain to practice great oral

health. Brush twice a day, floss daily, and visit your dental expert every 6 months for preventive care. Avoid chewing on difficult foods. Constantly wear Local Urgent Care Centers if you play contact sports, and use one while you sleep if you grind your teeth.

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